Based on steady aggregation of strength over the past 16 years, SBDChas grown up into a big group corporation from a small enterprise. Thedevelopment process is as colourful as a rainbow and the time lapses as movingas a melody. Thanks to the understanding, trust, support and help fromgovernmental officials, corporate leaders and business partners, and with SBDCstaff's aggressive adventuring, now SBDC has become a listed corporationequipped with comprehensive trade qualifications.

Currently SBDC boasts below trade qualifications:
Grade A certificate in design and construction of building curtainwall,
Grade A certificate in design and construction of buildingdecoration,
Grade A certificate in design and construction of buildingfire-fighting facilities,
Grade A certificate in installation of mechanic and electricequipment,
Grade A certificate in construction of building intelligentfacilities,
Grade B certificate in construction of steel structures

Other related qualifications in construction of gardening projects,sports facilities and overseasprojects.

SBDC had been listed in stock market (stock abbreviation:Jianzhuangye, stock code: 832219) on April 2, 2015.At the very beginning of her start-up, SBDC defined her corporatemissions as:

To maintain credibility, to value management and to keep consciousof safety;
To do fine projects and cater to needs from all social circles;

To adhere to such a business philosophy -- to be creditable, to bepeople-oriented, to get win-win by cooperation, to offer perfect service, to beadventurous and innovative, and to forge a good reputation;

To stick to such an operating policy -- to keep foothold inShenzhen, to exert influence across the country and to go to the global arena;

To absorb top-natch talents, to set up first-class teams, to tune toleading property owners, to achieve best profit, to demonstrate superb imageand to establish superior brands;

To keep pace with the times, to forge ahead, to work with collectivewisdom and efforts, to make progress hand in hand and to cast an outstandingstature for SBDC.

Taking advantage of her complete trade qualifications, in the recentyears SBDC has been promoting such a business idea that for professionalprojects, to offer one-stop EPC service and to be involved in the integratedindustry chain. Working with such an idea, SBDC has been enlisting talentsbroadly, inviting professional elites to join her. Now she boasts such 9engineering centers -- Curtain Wall, Interior Decoration, Mechanics andElectrics, Fire-fighting, Building Intelligence, Steel Structure, Gardening,Sports Business and Overseas Projects.The effect of carrying out the idea isevident and the achievement is great over the past more than one year. A casein point is that at the beginning of 2015, the Innovative Marketing Center wasput into use. Covering an area of above 2000m2, it was carefully orchestratedby SBDC and can be hailed as a pioneering work in this field. This centeraccommodates a Multimedia Section, a Physical Object Section, an Achievementsand Merits Section, etc. and focuses on featuring the application of hightechnologies and energy efficient techniques, giving the clients a strikingexperience. This center has greatly benefited SBDC with leap development in herstaple businesses.

Over the recent years SBDC has established strategic partnershipswith dozens of leading real estate corporations, including China ConstructionCo., China Railway Group, Wanda Group, Vanke Group, Evergrande Real EstateGroup, Poly Real Estate Group, Rich & Force Real Estate Group, Agile GroupHoldings, China Resources Group, Country Garden Holdings, etc. in constructingor sponsoring property projects and has fulfilled big decoration projects of hotels,banks, schools, club houses, halls, airports, metros, supermarkets, hospitals,office buildings, residential buildings, villas, factories, etc. with highquality. What's more, during the long cooperation with financial and monetaryorganizations, SBDC has perfected a co-working mode fit to their businessproperties, making her the leading enterprise in the ornament of financial andmonetary facilities.

SBDC has always been making efforts on maintaining and polishing herimage, whose edge has been sharped by accomplishing high quality projects andenhancing service level over the years. SBDC has been awarded such prizes asLuban Prize, National Building Decoration Prize, Provincial Fine Quality Prize,Shenzhen Jinpeng Prize, etc. and such honorary titles as Guangdong ProvincialTop 500 Enterprise, Asian (Trade) Top 10 Credible Brand, 2011-2012 Top 10Influential Design House, National Top 100 Building Decoration Enterprise, Top10 Enterprise in Corporate Culture Development, etc.

With the development and accumulation over the years, SBDC has setup dozens of subsidiaries across the country, spreading her domestic businessrange in grid coverage. SBDC has also been aggressively exploiting overseasmarkets, with a steady increase in market occupation and in popularity of herimage and reputation.

To ride on the momentum of being listed in stock market, SBDC hasregistered China Building Decoration Web ( with both Chinese andEnglish domain names. This web is dedicated to setting up a platform wheredesigners, material suppliers and end users related to building or homedecoration in China or even across the world to share their ideas on thedevelopment, innovation and services of building decoration industry.

Capital is supposed to support the development of industries whileindustries are supposed to return profit to capital, arriving at a linkagedevelopment. Listing in stock market has greatly helped SBDC in attainingcapital, injecting lubricant into SBDC, a high speed engine and also adding energyto her subsidiaries and her holding companies (refer to below annex for a listof them). SBDC is determined to improve her core competitiveness andprofitability so that she can pay back her share holders, her investors and thesociety.

Thanks to the listing and entering into capital market of Shenzhen Building Decoration Co., Ltd., the company has successfully registered domain name in Chinese and English of "China Construction and Decoration Network". The address of the website is: China Construction and Decoration Network is a vertical home improvement Internet platform, that is built by Shenzhen Building Decoration Co., Ltd. who conforms to the trend of "Internet+", dispatches the excellent personnels and employs the former BAT team members to establish it. China Construction and Decoration Network, which is on a basis of market demand, digs the user's concerned point, proposes 45 days home concept of high quality, comfort, environmental protection and integrates 4 major parts of public building decoration, home decoration, leasing and membership, 5 standard technology, 80 standard construction procedures and is responsible for design, auxiliary, major material, construction, supervision and after-sales service, that ensure no additional items in the construction process. It is committed to provide owners and clients transparent, standard and guaranteed one-stop decoration and ensure simple, time-saving and effortless decoration with the help of multiple to one service model, information synchronization supervision and high quality construction.  

Capital supports industry and industry supports capital that achieve interactive development finally. Group development receives capital support because of the successfully listing of Shenzhen Building Decoration Co., Ltd., that infuses this high-speed engine of Shenzhen Building Decoration Co., Ltd. with lubricant and adds vigor and vitality into subsidiary of the Group and holding company(refer to remark for more details). We will further improve Group's core-competitiveness and profitability to repay shareholders, investors and society.