Time fliesbut Fortune alwaysappreciate hardworking men

JIAN ZHUANG YE people have written aglorious chapter of their own with intelligence and sweat

Looking back into the past, we willcontinue to be guided by honesty, responsibility, and our core values in thefuture!

We will continuously comply our enterprisemission of "maintaining reputations, valuing management, valuing safety,building high-quality and superior projects, servicing in various sectors ofsociety”.

Hereby, I sincerely thanks all thedepartment heads, friends, customers and business partners.

Thanks to your unlimited support, trust andcaring, JIAN ZHUANG YE has become so successful today!

At the same time, thank you everyonecolleagues in JIAN ZHUANG YE

Your efforts have laid the solid foundationof JIAN ZHUANG YE today!

I am deeply proud of you all, thank you allof you- my closest comrades in arms!

Finally, I sincerely wish JIAN ZHUANG YE tobecome more flourish and more brilliant in the future!