Internet Home Decoration | [] Cooperates with [China Building Decoration Association] To Start the Strategic Cooperation
On May 16, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between and China Building Decoration Association was held in the home decoration exploration hall of President Guan Jizhong of Shenzhen KingStrong Group, President Dong Zhongze, Liu Xiaoyi, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Building Decoration Association, Yang Guangjin, Deputy Chief Editor of CBDA, Wu Fengguang, CEO of and Vice President Liu Xuan attended this activity. On the news conference, both parties announced to reach the strategic cooperation. Both parties integrate resources in the future and realize the multi-layer cooperation. 

CEO Wu Fengguang of made the speech 
On the ceremony, CEO Wu Fengguang of made the speech: " is the fresh troop of internet home decoration. In this cooperation with China Building Decoration Association, both parties will deepen the resource use, improve the strategic coordination layer and realize the cross-leap of improving the innovation ability. It further strengthens the offline construction, management and service of". 

Liu Xiaoyi, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Building Decoration Association made the speech 
On the conference, Liu Xiaoyi, vice chairman of China Building Decoration Association expressed that China Building Decoration Association had strict censorship of enterprises with the strategic cooperation. China Building Decoration Association pays attention to the growth of excellent enterprises of the construction industry. Based on the rapid growth of Shenzhen Kingstrong Group and in recent two years, it can be regarded as the model of the new enterprises. Therefore, China Building Decoration Association will choose to form the strategic cooperation units. It is hoped that in the cooperation with, it can further develop the internet home decoration and make this industry more exquisite, stronger and bigger. By way of the internet gene of, it will inject more new internet originality and idea to China Building Decoration Association. 

Both parties jointly unveil the nameplate 
Subsequently, both parties finished signing the cooperation agreement; related leaders jointly unveiled the nameplate for to become the strategic cooperative enterprise. 
This signing ceremony has won attention from multiple media. Authoritative media, including Topway TV, and Tencent interviewed both parties of cooperation. In the interview process, they showed great confidence in the future of and looked forward to the cooperation of both parties. 
Vice Chairman Liu Xiaoyi held that Shenzhen represented Chinese decoration and the Shenzhen strength occupied half of the decoration industry. Although Internet+ home decoration is the new subject in recent years, it is yet the development orientation of the future home decoration industry. Each enterprise should pay attention to it and does not neglect it. The leading enterprises of the construction and decoration industry should make efforts in this aspect. 
Wu Fengguang, CEO of proposed that was located in Shenzhen; it had the strong internet gene and undertook the advantages of Kingstrong Group. By way of one hundred labor supply units and dozens of material purchase of Kingstrong Group, it solved two pain spots about labor and supply chain in the internet home decoration development. Finally, with the joint help of the industry colleagues, it optimized the current pain spots facing the home decoration clients. 

Group photo of both parties 
It is said that is the branch subordinate to the listed company Shenzhen Kingstrong Group. In 2016, finished the objective of tens of millions yuan by over-fulfilling the quota. At present, is actively deploying the "Lotus Leaf Plan". Through the "Lotus Leaf Plan", it provides the management methods and online coordination tools for the traditional decoration enterprises to help improve the construction efficiency and supervision. (Lu Jinfeng)