Kingstrong | President Guan Jizhong attended the Opening Ceremony of 2017 Shenzhen & Hei Long Jiang Entrepreneurs Convention
In the evening on December 26, the Opening Ceremony of 2017 Shenzhen & Hei Long Jiang Entrepreneurs Convention was held at Shenzhen Poly Theater. Thousands of representatives of Shenzhen merchants and over 500 representatives of Heilongjiang merchants were invited to attend this meeting to cooperate with this great event and witness the "Oscar of Economic Circles" of south China. Guan Jizhong, president of Kingstrong Group was invited to attend this meeting. 

On the opening ceremony, Wang Shi, Yang Yuanqing, Wang Wenyin and other business masters in turn shared their experience in how Shenzhen merchant group seized the historical opportunity and dared to take initial in the special times and market circumstance. On the following award ceremony, the results of four awards - "Leaders of Shenzhen Merchants that Influence China", "the Influential Persons in Shenzhen Merchants", "Shenzhen Time-Honored Brands" and "National Top Ten Chinese Merchants" - were announced Wang Weizhong, Shenzhen Municipal Party Secretary, Jia Yumei, Standing member of Provincial Party Committee, vice-governor of Heilongjiang province, Chen Rugui, mayor of Shenzhen, Du Jiming, vice-chairman of CPPCC of Heilongjiang province and other leaders awarded for these entrepreneurs and merchants that acquired the honorary titles. 

During the 3-day duration from 26 to 28, this Shenzhen Merchants Meeting along with Global Chinese Meeting, taking "vigorous development of Chinese merchants" as the theme, will hold the summit forum of 2017 Shenzhen & Hei Long Jiang Entrepreneurs Convention and launch the forums of eight major themes with the seven times - "Elite Tide Times", "Industrial Age", "Opening Heilongjiang Era", "Topping Business Times", "Unicorn Times", "AI Era" and "New Era of Dialogue" - as themes. 

Shenzhen merchants are the sole business group not connected on account of any clan, kinship and local concept among Chinese business groups. Rapidly rising with the swift rapid development of Shenzhen's economy, entrepreneurs in Shenzhen merchant stand in Chinese business groups with the international and open horizon as well as the spirit of contract and innovation. 
At present, China's economy is in a critical climbing period of old and new dynamic conversion. Kingstrong Group, as the vice president company of SGCC, a famous brand enterprise in Shenzhen, the new benchmark of top 100 enterprises in decoration industry, will inherit and promote the spirit of Shenzhen merchants, keep pace with the times to drive a transformation and upgrade of the company and cooperate with more brother enterprises to make progress and create the future together. (Text/Yang Shanyang)