Cheng Songbai
Cheng Songbai
Vinson Cheng

President of the Fifth Branch of Design & Research Institute of Shenzhen Building Decoration Co., Ltd.

Founder of Shenzhen Zhongmeishi Decoration Design Engineering Company Limited

Original Creative Design Consultant

Senior interior designer

National One Hundred Excellent Interior Architects

Council of Guangdong Designers Alliance

Working on commercial space design, like office, multiple shops, exhibition hall, club and others.

Love the Chinese and Western Cultures, especially the Taoist culture, humanities-attitude of pursuing natural inaction and restoring the space; Advocated design without boundaries, aesthetic, emotion and culture of designers, without countries, shall be no boundaries.

Used in modern "decorative language", integrating Chinese and Western Culture, giving space regional features and humanistic feelings. Give users esthetical experience and enjoyments.

Fifth branch president for designed research institute of Shenzhen Construction equipment industry group;

Founder for Shenzhen era art Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd;
Senior Interior Designer;
One of the Top 100 outstanding interior architects in the country;
Guangdong Designer Association executive;
Committed to office, chain stores, exhibition halls, clubs and other commercial space design;
Love Chinese and Western culture, especially the influence of Taoist culture, the pursuit of natural inaction, the reduction of space of the unique cultural attributes; advocate the design of unbounded, the designer's aesthetic, emotional, cultural and no country domain.
Accustomed to applying modern 'decorative language', merging Chinese and Western cultures to giving space local characteristics and humanistic feelings. Give users the experience of beauty and enjoyment.
Committed to office, chain stores, exhibition halls, clubs and other commercial space design.