Wen Moqiong
Wen Moqiong

Senior curtain wall designer, director of curtain wall design of building decoration
Began to engage in curtain wall design on November, in 92 year, and took part in various standards of early curtain wall design. Have been as a chargehand of the design team for many years. Have been competent for technical director and chief engineer of curtain wall company for quite lone time.

Main achievements:
In March 1993, International Financial Tower, Yantai, Shandong

In May 1994, Shanghai Times Square

In December 1994, Guangzhou Dongjun Square, China; Yantai International Financial Tower

In May 1995, 80,000 square meters of Honkong Pioneer Centre

In March 1996, Hong Kong office of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In February 1997, Xiamen Commercial Bank Center (Hong Kong-invested)

In August 1998, Hong Kong Xiagudao Kowloon Railway Company

In March 1999, curtain wall project of office building of Hong Kong Electric Holdings Ltd

In June 2000, Wuhan Changhang Square

In May 2001, 21-storey office building of Shenzhen Huawei, Hong Kong Science and Technology Exhibition Hall

In August 2002, No.6 and No.7 building of Hong Kong Academy of Science

In April 2003, No.8 and No.9 building of Hong Kong Academy of Science, Office building of China Youth Travel Service in Beijing

In May 2004, Project of 0203KP2 in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Cambridge House), Doha office building of 231 meters in Qatar

In May 2005, Shenzhen Yanxiang Tower

In May 2006, Shanghai Gran Melia Hotels&Resorts, Shanghai Kunshan gymnasium

In May 2007, Curtain wall project through the street in Hong Kong, Kowloon apartment

In May 2008, Outer elevation of No.1 lakeside of No.12 block, Macao

In May 2009, Henna Electric Power Center

In May 2010, curtain wall of 120,000 square meters of Zhangzhou Wanda

In May 2011, Xiamen Airport Hotel

In May 2012, commercial complex and residence of Nian Nian Feng in Qinzhou, Guangxi

In February 2013, Bao An tennis stadium

In February 2014, 2 buildings with height of 120 meters of Huadu Auchan Commercial Center in Guangzhou, 1 building with height of 120 meters of Shenzhen Houhai Shunyuan Financial Tower.

In June 2015, 2 buildings with height of 120 meters of Nanchang Juren International, 100,000 square meters of 5 buildings of Wanke Square in Xiamen North Railway Station with maximum height of 166 meters, and 1 building of Sanhang Technology Tower with height of 120 meters.

In October 2016, 2 buildings with height of 145 meters of Everygrande Metropolis Plaza

In October 2016, 2 buildings of Changsha Xinchu Qingtian Plaza with height of 330 meters and an area of 150,000 square meters, Mai tower with height of 255 meters of Huizhou Roncan Center